Heidi Jackson


I live in London, UK and my dearly beloved was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2013, aged 47. The doctors told us to “put a bottle of wine in the chiller for a celebration in 20 years time” as they thought they could control it but 20 gruelling and traumatic months later, my beautiful Mat died, just shortly after his 49th birthday, 2 years ago.

In the immediate wake of pure grief, I decided that the world would be too unbearable if we didn’t keep Mat’s kindness rippling through it somehow. . .It would have been Mat’s 51st birthday last weekend and our tradition is to pay it forward in some way. His children like to attach a £5 to a note to a balloon and I like to leave notes anonymously around London that hopefully spread a little love. This year, I decided to add Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff into my theme…I derive a lot of meaning from being able to send out these little notes of love and wisdom and inspiration and I’m so happy that I thought of including chapters from Don’t Sweat. I think I might make it a bit more of a regular thing.