Strengthen Your Mental Health and Well-Being (Part 2)

2022-03-08T07:17:51-05:00By |

When it comes to our mental health and well-being, many of us have gotten off course in these difficult times. This week, Kristine picks up from her last episode – and shares how you can shift from a low mood into a higher one where life feels better and is manageable again.

My 30-Day Stress Cleanse for Mind, Body, and Spirit

2022-02-26T16:19:07-05:00By |

For months, we’ve received messages from listeners who want to step into 2022 lighter, happier, and healthier. A proper cleanse is FAR more complex than simply a nutritional cleanse. It’s an emotional, spiritual, and physical cleanse – reducing stress and negative energies from your entire system.

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