You Can Be Happy!
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Are you…

  • Feeling anxious or overwhelmed by life’s uncertainty?
  • Wanting to communicate better with your family and friends?
  • Taking yourself too seriously?
  • Feeling directionless or uninspired to make positive changes happen?
  • Sweating the small stuff?

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The Five Principles of Happiness are…

5 principles brain thoughts


5 principles faces moods


5 principles heart feelings


5 principles person separate realities



Watch a Course Summary

In this popular video course, You Can Be Happy! you’ll learn the Five Principles Of Happiness that will help you to keep life in perspective and not sweat the small stuff.

These principles have already helped tens of millions of people around the world to boost their happiness – so they can live their best lives.

What’s Included In This Video Course

You will learn in these videos why the way you think impacts everything in your life, and most importantly… how to STOP negative thoughts in their tracks. You’ll find that your overall experience of life changes as you begin to feel more positive.

These videos will teach you how to look at your moods as a barometer to the content of your thinking. Life in a low mood does not look the same as life in a higher one!

You will learn how your feelings are a result of the thoughts that precede them, and you’ll discover how to stop spiraling into emotional dramas that result in leaving you feeling low.

You will understand why it’s important to remember that we all live in our own reality–seeing the world through the lens of a unique filter. Understanding this concept impacts your communication in all of your relationships.

You will understand how to access the joy that comes from living in the present moment… more and more of the time!

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The Power of Belief Freebie

The Power of Belief

FREE EBOOK (pdf) — Our thoughts have infinite power — they create our emotions and shape our entire reality and life experience. By changing our thoughts and beliefs, we transform our lives.

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These principles have helped

me improve my life, too!

These principles have helped me improve my life, too!

My understanding of these 5 principles for keeping life in perspective that are the wisdom behind the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff books are what helped me through the sudden and tragic loss of my husband and co-author, Dr. Richard Carlson – when he passed unexpectedly from an embolism on a flight to New York in 2006.

In this popular video course, You Can Be Happy, I present these famous and loved teachings to you in a way that is relevant for life in today’s modern, hectic, technology-driven covid world. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy exclusive and rare legacy footage of Dr. Richard Carlson – sharing from his heart – conveniently to your computer, iphone, or ipad.

I’ve personally implemented these tried-and-true Principles of Happiness, to keep life’s chaos in perspective. These tools have helped me to withstand the storms of life and re-emerge on the other side as the thought leader, writer, and mother I always dreamed I’d become.

I hope you’ll join us. It’s never too late to wake up to your happiest, most inspired life.

Your most vibrant life is waiting for you!

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Start this You Can Be Happy online video course today!

Only $39 for lifetime access!

Why people all over the world
love the Don’t Sweat wisdom

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Don’t Sweat wisdom has helped me learn a new way of life.
~ Liza

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I have better relationships at work because I’ve learned about ‘Separate Realities’.
~ Larry

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I have learned that we are all more alike than we are different.
~ Ali

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I used to be a worrier; Now I ask myself “Will this matter a year from now?
~ Carol

There’s no time like the present
to stress less and become happier.

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