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“With more than 30 million copies in print, the Don’t Sweat philosophy has touched multiple generations of parents and grandparents, teenagers and kids … and people like you. Now, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary, it’s time to reignite all people to live in the blissful place of contentment and true, lasting joy that comes from being mindful, grateful and present in your life.”





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“Over a decade of positive psychology research seems to validate what we learned twenty years ago from Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. . . . These wonderful books help break down and simplify how to achieve that happiness.”

shawn achor

—Shawn Achor
bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage

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“After almost two decades since the original release of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Richard Carlson’s insights on the meaning of life continue to be timeless. The book teaches us to focus on the ‘now’ and find balance by living through contentment.”

deepak chopra

—Deepak Chopra

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“Richard Carlson caused a revolution in all our thinking with his Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff books. He was like a Zen master in disguise, taking almost an aw-shucks attitude toward shifting the culture.”

marianne williamson

—Marianne Williamson
New York Times bestselling author of A Return to Love

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“Kristine Carlson is the real deal, a shining light guiding us away from the pitfalls of stress and despair, fear and anxiety, and illuminating the path to acceptance, happiness, and achieving your goals.”

karen salmansohn

—Karen Salmansohn
bestselling author of The Bounce Back Book

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“Reminds us with simple brilliance of what it takes to rise to our best and what we need to do to enjoy a life beautifully lived.”

robin sharma

—Robin Sharma
bestselling author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

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“Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff has the power to change our individual and collective lives. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Richard Carlson and his beloved wife Kristine for their wisdom and compassion in bringing transformational practices and perspectives to millions of readers.”

shauna shapiro

—Shauna Shapiro
author of The Art and Science of Mindfulness


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