robyn openshaw

Robyn Openshaw


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff changed my entire mindset, many years ago. Had I not learned how to conquer my constant worrying and recognize how irrelevant the things I was worrying about were. . .I wouldn’t enjoy the career success and positive relationships I have now.

The words and works of the Carlsons have made a deep impression on me, but equally, the way Richard’s life ended early, proved all his points and made them unforgettable, making even greater meaning of the work he brought to the world.

Thanks to Richard and Kristine, I’ve learned to be still, be mindful, and tend to my relationships.

RIP, Richard Carlson. Your work matters, and God bless you, Kristine Carlson, for keeping the flame alive. I’m thrilled to be a part of the 20th anniversary. Thank you for your dramatic and positive impact on my life, on my family’s future, and my career as an author, paying it forward.

Robyn Openshaw is an Author of 14 books and GSG has a line of nutrition products, in late Q1 2014 offered in the wholesale channel and available to retailers of health food stores and grocery stores, on a Green Smoothie Station rack. Our mission is to teach people how to eat whole foods, simply, affordably, and deliciously.