ron carter

Ron Carter


No words can express the incredible impact of “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” on our organization, Children Incorporated. In the original book, Dr. Carlson encouraged readers to look outside of themselves and give back through helping others. He mentioned Children Incorporated as his charity of choice, and as a result, literally thousands of readers contacted us expressing their desire to change the life of a child. Thousands of impoverished children, both in the United States and abroad, were fed, clothed, and educated. They were offered a sense of hope and possibility that they otherwise would not have received.

Many lives were improved as a direct result of the wisdom found in the “Don’t Sweat” books, and the incredibly good news is that the life-changing work continues to this day. I am extremely grateful and honestly humbled that Children Incorporated is a part of the 20th Anniversary Celebration of these inspiring books.

Ronald H. Carter, President and Chief Executive Officer, Children Incorporated