Internationally acclaimed bestselling author, spiritual medium, and speaker Rebecca Rosen joins Kristine Carlson on the podcast to discuss her new book What’s Your Heaven? and how anyone can deepen and grow their connection to spirit.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • the most powerful messages our spirit guides want us to know
  • powerful habits that will help you preserve your spiritual energy [hint: no more social scrolling!]
  • how to break through fear, limiting beliefs, and toxic conditioning so you create a life that feels like Heaven on Earth to YOU

Today’s episode is a must-listen for anyone ready to tap into their inner wisdom and evolve their finest lives.


Guest: Rebecca Rosen

Rebecca Rosen

For more than two decades, Rebecca has served as an ambassador between the spirit world and our day-to-day world—relaying wisdom and insight from angels, guides, and those who have passed on to people seeking answers in the here and now.

The work she has done has led her to write three books: international bestsellers Spirited and Awaken the Spirit Within, and her most recent book, What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well. She has had the privilege of appearing on many television and radio programs, including The Dr. Oz Show, an E! News Special, Fox & Friends, Dr. Phil, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Nightline, and The Rachael Ray Show, among others.

And through her own television show, The Last Goodbye, she connected people seeking answers with their deceased family members and loved ones, helping viewers see that death is not the end and love never dies.

Pre-order Rebecca’s new book What’s Your Heaven? here.

Connect with Rebecca: Website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube


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Host: Kristine Carlson

Kristine Carlson

Kristine Carlson, New York Times Bestselling author and world-renowned speaker, is passionate about spreading her message of waking up to life with joy and gratitude amidst the ups and downs of their earthly existence.


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